Ukraine Needs Your Help

We are accepting 30 – 50 Refugees into our facilities every day. They are tired, hungry, devastated, frightened and angry.  We are feeding all of these refugees and giving them a safe place to rest their heads until they continue their trek to Poland. Our heart’s are breaking.

“How can I help?”

  • Prayer is the most important action. God hears and will act.
  • Please contribute to help pay for the large cost of feeding and housing all of these hurting people.

Additional expenses occur when rescue teams are sent out to bring women and children back from dangerous positions.  Rising gas costs cause each trip to be about $600 round trip.

Brave men are putting their lives on the line every day to bring these people to safety.

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About Us

James and Valya Hopkins are YWAM missionaries who have lived in Ukraine for over 25 years. Their family has refused to leave in the worst of times so that they may serve desperate and hurting people. We want to get help to him as soon as possible.

"I can tell you that it has brought many Ukrainians to tears knowing that help and prayers are being sent. There is an amazing sense of encouragement knowing we stand behind and are for them."

James Hopkins

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